Amixalan once again gives its name to our top Futsal team this season


The Anaitasuna Futsal Section is grateful to have the unwavering support of Amixalan yet again this year

This season, the sponsorship has been strengthened with a significant increase in  financial contribution and with the addition of the Amixalan name to our top category team.

According to Mertxe López, this partnership is "highly rewarding and essential for our club." "It enables the Futsal section to continue growing, both in terms of expectations and results," says the president of SCDR Anaitasuna.

Amaia Goñi, Legal and Strategy Director and Associate of Amixalan, points out that her relationship with Anaitasuna “has a long way since the sponsorship of a sports discipline such as Futsal and with an organization rooted in Navarra like Anaitasuna, with the principles that integrate both, fully fits with the values that govern our business project: sustainability, balance and growth.”

It is worth mentioning that Amixalan sponsors the women's futsal team as well, demonstrating their commitment to women's sports and promoting gender equality in the sporting arena.

 Amixalan was born with the project of establishing a large Navarrese business group.

Over the coming years, their goal is to establish a presence in six strategic sectors aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda: industrialized modular construction, health, agri-food industry, technology, energy and real estate. To achieve this, they have invested significantly and already created numerous jobs, as they bring professionals with diverse backgrounds into the company to contribute to the growth and consolidation of the Amixalan Group

 "On this journey and in this new stage, we also wish to continue accompanying Anaitasuna Futsal in our commitment to contribute to the rise and maintenance of the Navarrese fabric in its different manifestations, in this case sports, represented by an entity with which, as I have mentioned above, we share values and we are jointly committed to our young people, to sports, teamwork, motivation, the determination to achieve our goals, to our personal team and societal growth as part of the Navarrese community,” adds Amaia Goñi.

 This sports sponsorship has been renewed for an additional two years. In addition to Mertxe López and Amaia Goñi, David Razquin, head of the Futsal section of SCDR Anaitasuna, was present at the signing of this agreement.

Thanks Amixalan!

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